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n If he goes to Wolves I hope they get relegated. Steve Walsh, Leicester City's captain, is less than happy with Mark McGhee's departure.

n At a time like this it's difficult to talk about loyalty. Martin George, the Leicester chairman, is stunned by losing his manager.

n What about that Atherton innings? Was it the key to saving the day? The ever-incisive Charles Colvile, BSkyB presenter, puts the question to Raymond Illingworth after Mike Atherton batted for 645 minutes to save the second Test.

n This is difficult for a Yorkshireman to say to a Lancastrian, but that was one of the great innings of all time. Illingworth on Atherton.

n Atherton's innings was one of the great rearguard actions. Bob Woolmer, the South Africa coach, agrees with Illingworth.

n Putting South Africa in was the wrong decision and I felt I probably owed the lads an innings after that. Atherton in his own words.

n He batted as if his life depended on it. Atherton on Jack Russell's part.

n It's something the player himself will have to look at because it's happening too many times. The Rangers manager, Walter Smith, begins to weary of Paul Gascoigne after he was sent off against Borussia Dortmund.

n A few of our players have never seen snow before and many of them have not experienced playing in 30F. Bryan Williams, the Western Samoa coach, feels the cold in Huddersfield.

n Thirty seconds of pain. What Buster Mathis Jnr, Mike Tyson's next opponent, can expect according to Tyson's sparring partner Nate Tubbs.