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n Yes, I was stupid - yes, I was greedy. If it was offered me again I would definitely say 'no, no, no'. George Graham, the former Arsenal manager, comes clean on the bung scandal.

n We're still not great, very good, or good even, but it has improved each game. Ray Harford, Blackburn manager, on his side's exit from Europe.

n Devon has one great asset - his pace - but the rest of his cricket is a nonentity. Peter Lever, England's bowling coach, unravels the enigma that is Devon Malcolm.

n I've just been out here for a few months in the civilised world and I'm still pretty confused about what I am doing in general. Mike Tyson on life after prison.

n It's a challenge I don't particuarly need. Jonathan Davies, on his return to rugby union from rugby league.

n If people want to watch it on television they might as well stay at home. Most of my players were watching it too! Kevin Keegan, the Newcastle manager, complaining about Spurs' giant television.

n He will move like a gazelle. He will sense when the rhinos are coming. Wilf Mannion, the 77-year-old former Middlesbrough favourite, on Juninho's Premiership prospects.

Rob McLean