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n I'm in this business to secure my needs. I want my family to live like royalty. Prince Naseem Hamed, the new World Boxing Organisation featherweight champion.

n I haven't spoken to Tony Jacklin for two years. We'll never be as close again. Bernard Gallacher, Europe's Ryder Cup captain, who has been hurt by his predecessor's criticism.

n Eric [Cantona] is 29 and it is too late for him to change. David Ginola, the Newcastle player, on his French compatriot.

n I had a couple of dips at Eric and he didn't react one little bit. Nigel Pepper, York City defender, fails to wind up Cantona in the Coca- Cola Cup match.

n I can't even imagine now being a footballer. It's ridiculous. It's as far removed as me being a concert pianist. Jimmy Greaves.

n Football is like a car. You have got five gears and the trouble with English teams is that they drive all the time in fourth and fifth. Ruud Gullit.

n The referee had three major decisions to make on penalties and got them all wrong. Roy Evans, Liverpool manager, after facing Manchester United last Sunday.

n It doesn't look like I try very hard to get the ball back. Matthew Le Tissier speculates on why he is not an England regular.

n It's no exaggeration to say I've often feared for Tommy's life, that he would end up dead in some bar. Tom Virgets, trainer to boxer Tommy Morrison.

Rob McLean