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I'm going to get past this SOB one day and pull away. Damon Hill is not too complimentary about Michael Schumacher.

I cannot understand what kind of penalty I get for Belgium and what Hill gets here. Schumacher ponders his foe.

I've heard this used to be called the Walkover Cup. I don't think they can say that now. Jody Fanagan, part of the winning Walker Cup side.

I shouldn't play this game. It's putting years on me. Fanagan counts the cost of victory.

I have to doubt Alan Shearer's wage would make an ideal minimum wage for everyone. Gordon Taylor, of the PFA, finds friends at the TUC.

The only ambition I've ever had in football is to play for England. Le Tissier then repels all foreign suitors.

If the England coach doesn't think I'm good enough for the squad then so be it. Le Tissier is more realistic.

He's got to be in there somewhere. Kevin Keegan, like many other others, wants Le Tissier for England.

The trouble about the moratorium is the people who are breaking the rules will continue to do so. Those who don't won't. Peter Wheeler, the Leicester president, lays down the hypocrisy in rugby union.

I can't remember the number of runs I've scored, let alone the number of women. David Gower, who, for the record, scored 8,321 runs for England, may have some explaining to do to Mrs Gower.

As long as I remain chairman of selectors I won't pick him again. Raymond Illingworth, England cricket supremo, takes exception to Andrew Symonds' withdrawal.

Compiled by Richard Wetherell