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n I may be out here eating frogs' legs but I was with Frank [Bruno] all the way. Harry Carpenter, the BBC boxing commentator, on watching his friend win the WBC title from France.

Forget Mike Tyson for a while. This was Frank Bruno's hour. Don King, promoter, eyeing a Tyson v Bruno rematch.

n I want to thank Laura for putting up with me and my dream for all those years. She never lost faith. Frank Bruno on his wife who was at the ringside with his daughter, Nicola.

n The worst performance I've ever seen from a heavyweight champion. Ingemar Johanesson, former title holder, on Oliver McCall, beaten by Bruno.

n I do not wish to see [Steve] Collins, speak with him or smell him until it is legally possible for me to punch him on the chin. Chris Eubank on his opponent this evening.

n I don't think we'll try to block any approach to Matthew [Le Tissier]. Terry Venables, England's football coach, prepared to lose the Southampton player to another country.

n No amount of media pressure will get Le Tissier or any other player into my side. Venables.

n Ray [Harford] has got the wrong position - simple as that. Malcolm Macdonald, Harford's former boss at Fulham, gives his verdict on the new Blackburn manager.

n Colour has a lot to do with it. It's like you should know your place and you don't. They feel I have too much power, too much wealth. Linford Christie believes sections of society resent his success.