Quotes of the Week: Sport

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We want four. Bolton fans during 3-1 win over Arsenal.

To call me a butcher - it hurt me so much. You don't devote your whole life to horses if you don't like them. All I want is to get the best out of them, not to cause them unnecessary pain. Racehorses eat like kings and live in houses fit for queens. Adrian Maguire, leader in the riders' championship, on criticism of his use of the whip.

Will (Carling) passed me the ball as he usually does and said, 'It's easy.' Jonathan Callard on his last-second match-winning penalty for England against Scotland.

I've never turned down a job, except pose for Playgirl one time. Eddie the Eagle.

Maybe I'll give her a hug - if she'll let me. Tonya Harding, American ice skater, on Nancy Kerrigan, who was allegedly assaulted by an associate of Harding's.

I don't think he can stay. If you have a cancer disrupting your body you have to cut it out. Steve Ovett on Andy Norman, the British Athletics Federation's promotions officer implicated in the Cliff Temple affair.

The judge comes from Orlando, where Disneyland is. Peter Kohl, promoter of Chris Eubank's win over Graciano Rocchigiani, on the judge who gave Eubank victory by nine points.