Quotes of the Week: Sport

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I suppose if we're a little bit disappointed with a draw against Manchester United, we're getting somewhere. I remember not so long ago, when I first came here, we'd have been grateful to get a draw off Peterborough United. Kevin Keegan, Newcastle United manager, after the 1-1 draw against Manchester United.

I was sitting there, level with their front line, and looked across at Giggs, Sharpe, Cantona and Kanchelskis. Awesome. Anyone who plays like that deserves to win things. The rest of us are just fighting for scraps. Keegan.

According to Kevin, everyone wanted Newcastle to win. He says he had everyone on the phone - even chairmen - begging him to beat us. Fortunately, chairmen don't win matches. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager.

I'm bewildered, stunned, shocked. We were joint top of the league. I don't deserve what has happened to me. Bobby Robson, sacked as Sporting Lisbon coach.

I am still his friend, but Robson belongs to the past. Sousa Cintra, Sporting's president.

It would be an Aussie that bit me. Dickie Bird, umpire, after being bitten on the nose by an Australian cockatoo at the National Cage and Aviary Birds Exhibition.

I was told this would be a hard-hitting expose. They laboured mightily but in they end they produced a mouse of a programme. World In Action (a Granada programme) are amateurs playing in a professionals' world. they know nothing about tax or tax computations. They should stick to finding Ken Barlow a new girlfriend in Coronation Street. Alan Sugar, on the TV investigation into financial malpractice at Spurs.

If I was a criminal now I'd be in prison, not managing Tottenham Hotspur. Ossie Ardiles.