Racing: Boos turn to cheers for Carson

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WILLIE CARSON rode a hat-trick from his only three rides at Sandown yesterday, providing the jockey with some consolation for a visit to Northern Ireland where he was jeered by racegoers on Wednesday.

The Scotsman, who had been involved in a false start controversy at Down Royal, earned the approval of punters yesterday with victories on Rotherfield Park, Istnsaar and Subya.

Just 24 hours earlier he had been booed off the track on his trip to ride in the Ulster Harp Derby. Having agreed to take a spare mount in a sprint handicap, he found himself involved in a race that had to be re-run after two false starts. When Carson withdrew his tired mount lame, racegoers voiced their disapproval.

'The horse was knackered and the vet decided it was distressed. But when I cantered it back past the stands I got a great welcome] They all booed me and it was supposed to be a goodwill mission,' Carson said yesterday.