Racing: Club 'regret' over Maguire

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THE Jockey Club yesterday denied conducting a vendetta against Adrian Maguire in an attempt to take some of the sting out of the whip controversy it says it unintentionally provoked.

Urged by trainer Toby Balding to make a public apology to the 21-year-old rider 24 hours earlier, Anthony Mildmay-White, the chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, expressed regret for the publicity that had singled out the Irishman as one of the chief targets of the new whip rules.

Balding responded: 'I would have thought in this day and age that amounts to an apology. I am happy to let the matter rest.'

Maguire's agent, Dave Roberts, said: 'Adrian has spoken to a solicitor, but we want to see this Jockey Club statement in print before we make any further comment.'