Racing: Pressure forces McCloy to resign from BHB

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THE British Horseracing Board member Matthew McCloy, chairman of the board's Industry Committee, yesterday bowed to pressure in the aftermath of Peter Savill's appointment last week as BHB chairman and announced his resignation from the post.

"The recent sustained attacks on my integrity and my character, which I am advised have been carefully and perhaps professionally choreographed, have succeeded," McCloy said.

McCloy had hailed Savill's win as a "great day for racing" and insisted he was not opposed to Savill. But the MP Alan Meale, an ally of the new chairman, said McCloy had shown antagonism to Savill and described his position as untenable.

"I am told I am seen by those ultimately responsible for the attacks on me as a continuing threat of some sort to Peter's plans for the BHB," McCloy said, "perhaps even as a rallying point for those who are opposed to him. I am neither, but to put the matter beyond doubt, I believe I have no choice to proceed as I am."

Meale responded: "If you run with the foxhounds and bite the wrong person you pay the penalty. At least he's done the decent thing and gone."