Racing: Racing losing fizz

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Racing's lack of appeal to young people was cited yesterday by Schweppes as a reason behind the end of their sponsorship in the sport. "We make a range of drinks which cover the 16-24 age group and felt that racing is not as relevant for us as it used to be," the firm's Vernon East said.

The drinks company, racing's second oldest sponsor, backed the Schweppes Gold Trophy from 1963 and the event became known solely as the "Schweppes". However, a spate of abandonments prompted them, in 1987, to switch their sponsorship to the Golden Mile, run at Goodwood's Glorious meeting.

Random drug testing of horses in their stables will be introduced next year, the Jockey Club announced yesterday. Their vets will have the power to visit yards and take random samples. However the majority of visits will be made by appointment, unlike those possible in athletics. Toby Balding, of the National Trainers Federation, said: "Our view is that it is no business of the Jockey Club's. They've got plenty of chances of testing everything they want at the races."