Racing: Reporters at odds

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Betting-shop punters missed the chance to join in a gamble at Southwell yesterday when Bentley Manor took the selling hurdle. The Press Association and SIS price reporters were at variance over the odds at which the horse opened.

The PA said Bentley Manor was backed to 4-1 from 8-1, with 10-1 seen, while SIS returned 5-1 as the opening show.

A PA SP reporter registered an pounds 8,000 to pounds 1,000 bet and saw the price available with seven bookies, three of whom laid bets at 10-1. However, Arthur Jones, of SIS, said: 'I saw bookmaker Len Bowden put up 10-1 and then 8-1, and the bookie next to him followed. They were the only two betting at the time.

'The first price I saw generally was 5-1, which was what we sent. If you send out an opening show of just two bookmakers it is open to manipulation.'