Racing: Wyatt's legacy is Fourtuner

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A new "superbet", the Fourtuner, will be Lord Wyatt's parting contribution to racing when he retires as chairman of the Tote next month after 21 years. The bet, based on predicting the dual forecast in four designated races, is being devised by the company for launch towards the end of the year, writes John Cobb.

Plans for the bet, which it is hoped will rival the National Lottery, have been advanced by Ladbrokes' participation in the Tote Direct scheme.

Lord Wyatt revealed the bet at the annual Tote lunch, an event marked by the attendance of the Prime Minister.

Despite admitting that the Tote's odds against the Tory party winning most seats at the upcoming election are 7-2, compared with odds of 1-6 offered about Labour, Wyatt maintained: "I don't believe this election is a foregone conclusion."

The remark may have been made in deference to his principal guest, or in thanks to the party that have kept him at his post for so long, but it is to be hoped that the thinking behind the Fourtuner is based on a sounder grasp of reality.