Gambler in Fallon case had 'secret accounts'

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Professional gambler Miles Rodgers was suspected of having more than a dozen secret accounts with an internet betting firm, the Kieren Fallon trial was told yesterday. Rodgers used the names of friends and acquaintances to place bets on horses to lose, the court heard. But betting exchange Betfair began monitoring the accounts and passed information to the Jockey Club after large sums were placed on Legal Set, a horse Rodgers part-owned. Rodgers, former champion jockey Fallon and four other men are accused of plotting to make 27 horses lose in order to win money on bets. David O'Reilly, Betfair's legal adviser, told the court that Rodgers had an account and was thought to be using 12 other names in December 2002. It is alleged that the six defendants were involved in a conspiracy with others between December 2002 and September 2004 to defraud Betfair customers and other punters. Fallon, 42, and fellow jockeys Fergal Lynch, 29, of Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire, and Darren Williams, 29, of Leyburn, North Yorkshire, deny the charge. Shaun Lynch, 37, of Belfast, Rodgers, 38, of Silkstone, South Yorkshire, and Philip Sherkle, 42, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, also plead not guilty. Rodgers also denies concealing the proceeds of crime.

The trial was adjourned to today.