Ladies' Day at Aintree: 'We've been on the booze since 8am and plan to get smashed' - the view from the racecourse

Annual knees-up on the eve of the Grand National has begun

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Ladies' Day is under way at Aintree, a gloriously glamorous celebration on the eve of the Grand National. In a press release sent out by Aintree Racecourse today, here's what some of the spectators had to say on their arrival.

Kerri, 24, Liverpool

This is my third time here and it is a girl's day out. We started planning it in the new year and we got up at 5am. We've been on the booze since 8am and plan to get smashed.

Leanne, 19, Manchester

This is my first time here and I am so excited. I could hardly sleep last night. I have never had a bet before and might do later if I see some colours that I like, but I am more into the fashion.

Carli, 34, Liverpool

I find horses boring but my mate got dumped last week so I said I would come with her to cheer her up. I don't mind getting done up like this though, it's good crack.

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Rosie, 19, Newmarket

This is my third year here and for me the racing the highlight. The fashion is very important and elegance is key. I prepare months in advance but don't go down the self-tanning route - pale is beautiful. I don't want to look like an orange. I wish I had worn a coat though as it is freezing.

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Emma, 27, Chester

I have been up since 6am getting ready and have had four spray tans this week. We had our first drink at 8am and are hoping to get lucky - with the fellas and the horses.

Sindi, 25, Toxteth

This is my second year here. I couldn't come last year as I was in Magaluf on a hen do but that was less fun than when I came here two years ago. This is my first day off since New Year's Day as I run my own cake making business and I have borrowed this outfit from my mum. She is with me today but I hate her coming as all the lads crack on to her. My stepdad won't talk to us when Aintree racing is on as he says we're a disgrace but we are both as bad as each other.

Rachel, 19, Newmarket

This is my first time here and I have to say that the ladies look like they have put a lot of time and preparation into their looks. I haven't bothered doing much with my outfit - as I tend to look good anyway. I think I will be having a bet today as I love horses and I hope to be back next year.

Emma, 44, Windsor

I have been coming here for at least 15 years and while I adore the first-class racing I also love the sights and sounds of the Liverpool people. This is a racing and fashion extravaganza and I think everyone likes to make a special effort on Ladies' Day, but being a southern softie I dress for the weather.

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Dawn, 41, Ellesmere Port

I have been coming here for 10 years and get a new dress each year. I got this one when I was in New York at Christmas and it cost me a bloody fortune! I save up all year for this - but not for betting as I need the money for the tanning shop.

Lauren, 22 and sister Lyndsey, 21

We have been since 6am getting ready and went to Peaches and Cream at 7am for our makeup - it was so busy we had to queue outside and wait our turn. We have been here for the last four years and the dresses are our favourite things. The more glamour the better - it is the reason we come. We have no idea what we are doing betting so just pick the names.

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Amy, 21, Anfield

We were up at 6am to start getting ready and had a champagne breakfast at 8am. We had a spray tan yesterday and my dress is from Topshop. I love the dressing up and the glamour. I don't know how to bet but my stepdad said to back Tony McCoy as he is an OK rider.