Picture of the Day: Forget about a stewards' inspection

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Add a sprinkle of snow to almost anything and it immediately becomes that little bit more glamorous. That formula certainly holds true for the Grand Prix Guardaval Immobilien.

Held every February on the frozen surface of Lake St Moritz – which in warmer months laps at the shore of the Swiss ski resort of the same name – this most exclusive of horse races was won yesterday by jockey Robert Halvin on his steed called Mascarpone.

The competition was first held in its current form in 1993, but its roots date back to 1906, when 13 men raced one another on skis pulled by riderless horses.

"Skijoring", as it came to be known, still takes place, but over the years has been complemented by flat racing and steeplechasing.

Now known collectively as the White Turf races, the event remains as enchanting as ever to visitors of the Engadine Valley.