Police found envelope under jockey's mattress

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Darren Williams, one of three jockeys facing allegations of race-fixing, was seen leaving a pub with a white envelope after a meeting with Miles Rodgers, the court heard yesterday.

The court was told that a white envelope was found under the jockey's mattress, the day after a second meeting between the two men. The prosecution allege that £580 in cash with a £1,000 bank wrap was found on a bedside table at his home.

Rodgers is accused of orchestrating a scam with Williams, Kieren Fallon and Fergal Lynch, to protect bets on the betting exchange, Betfair. Along with defendants Philip Sherkle and Shaun Lynch, they deny all charges.

Williams is alleged to have lost four of the 27 races involved and made the conspiracy around £55,000.

Detective constable Steve Woods told the court he saw Rodgers, Williams and Karl Burke, the trainer, at the Bridge Inn, Walshford, North Yorkshire, in July 2004. "They all left together," he said. "In the car park, I observed Williams had a white envelope in his left hand."

The court was shown surveillance footage of the men leaving the pub. Jonathan Caplan, QC, prosecuting, has told the court that Williams had lost on Wares Home at Yarmouth the previous day, winning Rodgers £16,556.

Police constable Colin Gibbs said he saw Williams and Rodgers at the same pub with Gavin Faulkner, the former jockey, on 31 August 2004. "On the table were three mobile phones and a white envelope," he said. "Mr Rodgers then picked up the three mobile phones and nudged the envelope towards Mr Faulkner with the back of his hand."

The raid on Williams's home was the next day. The envelope found under the mattress was similar to the one he had seen, said PC Gibbs. The trial was adjourned until Tuesday.