Stan Hey: 6-5 Against

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Hitchens each way

With the first Test under way (wickets for Mohammad Aamer, no runs for "KP", as predicted) and football not due off until next Saturday (Friday night for Norwich v Watford) punters will once again be twitching for the want of a good bet.

I hope more will join our self-imposed ban on betting on Formula One after the latest scandal, in which Felipe Massa was "advised" to let team-mate Fernando Alonso pass for a win. Imagine how you'd feel if you'd had a "score" on Massa. Nobody in Formula One cares what punters think, but when a "team orders" issue crops up in horse racing the complaints of the betting community are loud enough to be heeded.

Oddly enough, there's every chance that a stewards' inquiry will follow this afternoon's Stewards' Cup at Goodwood with 28 sprinters going full pelt. I fancy Hitchens (£10 each way, 33-1 William Hill), with the far rail as a guide and Belgian ace Christophe Soumillon as pilot. This race forms part of another Scoop 6 attempt, with the pot now swelling towards a million smackers.

Tonight is crunch-time for our Super League pick Warrington, who beat the leaders Wigan a fortnight ago then lost to the bottom side, Catalan Dragons. In the hope that Leeds beat Wigan last night, £10 goes on a Wolves' win against St Helens, at 4-6, Stan James.

*Bradley Wiggins' hopes for the Tour de France were dashed in the mountains, but Mark Cavendish won five stages and just missed the green jersey, so we just missed the green stuff.