Stan Hey: 6-5 Against

Turn a fast buck on the Broncos' Wembley visit
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British NFL fans will flock to Wembley Stadium to see the latest game in the International Series between the San Francisco 49ers and the Denver Broncos, but they can muster only three wins after seven weeks, with the 49ers at 1-6 and the Broncos at 2-5 – so it could be England-Montenegro again, fun-wise.

Both clubs have enjoyed success, the 49ers having won the Super Bowl five times, the Broncos twice; great pasts but not much future at the moment.

San Francisco's coach Mike Singletary is a martinet, borrowing the smouldering anger of Mike Ditka, his coach at the 1985 Super Bowl winners Chicago, who used to "lose it" with players and press alike – "this isn't a contact sport, it's a collision sport". Results suggest Singletary's rants may be wearing thin – a recent sideline bawl at quarterback Alex Smith was deemed over the top.

The Broncos' coach, Josh McDaniels, also adopts the "my way or the highway" approach having dumped two of the better players, receiver Brandon Marshall and quarterback Jay Cutler. Last year a 6-0 start withered away, and last week they were stiffed 59-14 by the Oakland Raiders. Pride and jobs are at stake so a tense game is likely, with Denver fancied to shade it as the 49ers field their third-string quarterback – £10 win Broncos, 21-20 Ladbrokes.

It's a pity that the Jets-Packers game, is being played at the same time as it's a potential Super Bowl line-up – the Jets are in bustling form (5-1) but Green Bay's receivers can hurt them; £10 win Packers, 9-4 Skybet.