Racket and Roll days

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Q. In the world of Flat racing, in which race do a jockey and horse reach the fastest speed?

A. The fastest race speed recorded is 20.8sec for quarter of a mile, an average of 43.26 mph. This was achieved by Big Racket at Mexico City on 5 February 1945, and equalled by Onion Roll at Thistledown, Cleveland, Ohio on 27 September 1993. Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Q. The cricketers Mike Atherton and John Crawley went to the same school (Manchester Grammar) and to the same university (Cambridge). They both play for the same county (Lancashire) and have represented England together in the same Test team several times. Does anybody know of similar instances happening before in Test cricket?

A. Brian Close and Nigel Melville both attended Aireborough Grammar School, near Bradford. Close went on to play for and captain Yorkshire Cricket Club and England. Nigel Melville went on to represent Yorkshire at rugby union and then to captain England at international level. Kevin Maguire, Batley


Q. Watching foreign football on the television I can't help noticing the half-empty stadiums. How do our top six attendances in our well-supported Premiership compare with the top six in the other European strongholds of Spain, Italy, Germany and France? Does the Premiership get the most capacities on a regular basis? S Baldwin, Wimbledon

Q. English teams A and B contest the FA Cup final. Team A has won the Premiership that season, Team B the European Cup-Winners' Cup. Who would then enter the next season's Cup-Winners' Cup as England's representatives? M Giscombe-Smith, Kentish Town

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