Redgrave to retire after Atlanta

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Steven Redgrave plans to end his career after competing for an unprecedented fourth Olympic rowing title in Atlanta this summer.

Speaking at the launch of a Barclaycard Visa scheme to provide pounds 500,000 worth of training camp support for Britain's Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the 34-year-old oarsman said: "I plan to retire after the Olympics. I've been rowing now for 20 years. I am training hard, and if things go as planned in Atlanta I will be more than happy to walk away from the competitive side of the sport.

"I will probably get involved in coaching at some stage but not straight away. If you are coaching athletes and the thought is there that you could probably still beat them yourself it is not a good position to be in."

Matthew Pinsent, with whom Redgrave will attempt to retain the coxless pairs title they won in Barcelona, plans to carry on after Atlanta. "I am about as sure that I want to carry on as Steve is sure that he wants to retire," he said. As they prepare for the international season, Redgrave and Pinsent have swapped places, with Redgrave taking over the bow. It thus falls to the 25-year-old Pinsent to do the talking in the boat from the more demanding position at stern - something with which he is not completely at ease. "I'm so out of breath now I can't say anything," he said.