Reverse year for Alfa

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Q. What has happened to the Alfa Romeo team which was so dominant in last year's Touring Car championship? There was controversy about the set-up of last year's Alfa. What was the result of this and does it explain the team's sudden decline?

A. In 1994 Alfa's set-up used a controversial wing package which gave them an advantage in more grip. However, rival teams objected to this, and Alfa were made to retract the front air-dam and rear wing.

In this season's championship, all cars have been allowed the use of regulated wings, wiping out Alfa's advantage. Another loss of advantage can be put down to a change in teams from Alfa Corse to a British outfit, Prodrive, and a change in the lead drive from Gabriele Tarquini to Derek Warwick. Tarquini was brought back when results were not forthcoming. - James Trubridge, Bristol

Q. Has any cricketer stayed on a county staff longer than Keith Greenfield, of Sussex - eight years - without being capped?

A. I know of at least two Yorkshire players: Howard Cooper, a medium- pace bowler who waited 10 years from 1971 to 1980 and Colin Johnson, a right-handed batsman, 11 years from 1969 to 1979. - Phil Denton, Hull

Q. What was the background of Prince Monolulu, the racing tipster? He was a very popular figure at race meetings in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties.

A. My cousin was one of his wives and had two sons by him in the Forties. He was, I believe, a real Prince and was a well-educated man. The wedding at the time made headlines, but although there is a story to it, I do not now have the press cuttings, only the memories. - Mrs Julie Hammans, Leigh-on-Sea

Q. I understand that in the case of animals - horses or dogs for example - there is no difference in the speed of males and females. If this is true, why does the same not apply to human beings?

A. Female horses run slower which is why they have separate races, e.g. the Oaks, and when they run against males they usually have to carry less weight. - Richard Wood, Toddington


Q. How many members of the Eddery family have held a jockey's licence in Britain and Ireland, and with what success? - F Kelly, Ballymena, Co Antrim

Q. This year's Open Championship was won in fine style by John Daly who had come last the previous year. In 1947 the championship was won by a certain F Daly at Hoylake. Does anyone remember this golfing victory? Was F Daly also a "wild thing"? - David Halliday, London SE4

Q. What is the present record for an amount raised by a cricketer's benefit/testimonial? - Tim Mickleburgh, Grimsby

Q. Just before the formation of the Football Association in 1863, the Field, the country gentleman's newspaper, published a series of articles which strenuously urged the adoption of a universal set of laws for Association Football. These were written by John D Cartwright. He seemed informed about the various public school games, but who was he, what job did he do and how else was he involved with football. - Graham Curry, Retford

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