`Rift' between Tyson and King

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Mike Tyson remained in seclusion at his rural Ohio estate yesterday amid reports of a rift between the former undisputed world heavyweight champion and the man who was once his promoter, Don King. The New York Daily News and the New York Post reported that Tyson asked King to leave his mansion on Saturday hours after his release from prison.

The reports said that an elaborate welcome-home party laid out by King was snubbed by Tyson, who cleared his 14-room mansion of nearly all guests. King's lavishly catered spread included shell fish, pork and champagne - all forbidden in the Moslem faith - and went untouched by Tyson, sources said.

Tyson publicly proclaimed his conversion to Islam on his release from prison after three years on a rape conviction by wearing a prayer cap and worshipping at a mosque with Muhammad Ali.

King had reportedly also invited a television crew from the Showtime cable television network, with whom he is associated, to the party in order to begin filming a documentary about Tyson's comeback. They were also sent packing by Tyson. King could not be reached for comment.

Tyson is expected to return to the ring to try to regain the title he won at age 20 in 1986, but lost in 1990 in a surprise knock-out at the hands of James "Buster" Douglas. He was on the comeback trail at the time he was convicted of raping a teenaged beauty pageant contestant.

King met Tyson at the Indiana Youth Centre on his release and swept him away in a limousine and a private jet.