Robinson has to work to keep his title

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Steve Robinson had to work hard before successfully defending his World Organisation featherweight title for the seventh time as he stopped Pedro Ferradas in the ninth round at Cardiff Ice Rink last night.

Robinson's one-dimensional style and lack of punching power meant the Spaniard could run and hold for round after round.

In the eighth the challenger was dropped for a count of three when Robinson connected with a right. He beat the count but looked unsteady and barely survived the round. After 49 seconds of the ninth, when he went down again, the referee stepped in.

Don King, the promoter, has dismissed a proposed heavyweight tournament that organisers have claimed would produce a genuine world champion.

The British duo, Lennox Lewis and Herbie Hide, are two of eight fighters being courted by the American cable TV network, Home Box Office, to take part in a pounds 116m competition to start in October. None of the fighters is connected to King.

"I think we all know that it's a joke," said King. "Mike Tyson is the uncrowned champ, and everyone else is lining up for a chance to fight him."