Rodman goes walkabout in Las Vegas

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Dennis Rodman has upset his Chicago Bulls team-mates after heading off for Las Vegas following the defeat on Sunday that left the Bulls tied at 2-2 against Utah Jazz in the NBA finals.

Scottie Pippen was not too happy, for one. "We don't have any control of what Dennis does off the court," he said. "You would think that he would want to start to look and evaluate what's going on on the court with himself, but it's his preference what he wants to do after the game."

The Bulls' coach, Phil Jackson, said: "I didn't endorse where he went. I thought maybe he was going to the state line. He made it beyond that. Dennis is the kind of person that needs to blow off some steam."

Rodman made no apologies. "I went out and had a good time and was relaxing. I got rid of this bad taste in my mouth. I had to do that," he said.