Rodman in attack on cameraman: Basketball

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The Chicago Bulls' Dennis Rodman is in trouble again after apparently kicking a cameraman in the groin.

The incident happened when Rodman tumbled into a row of photographers during the Chicago Bulls' 112-102 away victory against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday night.

The photographer, Eugene Amos, was carried from the court on a stretcher. Rodman claims he hit Amos in the thigh: "I said, `What's wrong with you? I'm sorry I hit you.' All of a sudden he passed out. It's one thing to get hurt, but don't pretend you're more seriously hurt than you are."

Rodman, who head-butted a referee and was suspended for two games last month, said he has been the subject of five lawsuits relating to courtside incidents. "I think I'll get some lawsuit papers next time I come up to Minnesota," he added.