Rowing: Cambridge show superior form

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CAMBRIDGE WON the first Boat Race of this century and look set to win the first of next on the evidence of this week's trials. Yesterday saw a good blooding of Cam recruits with no experience of the Putney to Mortlake course, six of whom were in the winning boat against the crew stroked by the president, Richard Stokes, which included half a dozen Blues and Goldie men.

The margin of four lengths was less significant than the time of 18 minutes 21 seconds. This would be good on any day, but in yesterday's white-horsed water, it put a smile on the face of the coaching team.

Oxford's trial on Wednesday was race of two halves resulting in a dead heat, and was consequently hard to read. Yesterday, though, Cambridge's blade work and rhythm was better throughout.

Conditions were almost perfect as far as Hammersmith and the boat called "Huge Assets", on the Middlesex station, had their nose slightly in front at the Mile Post and then stepped on the accelerator for two minutes, reaching the bridge two lengths ahead of their rival, "Well Endowed".

Before the bridge, the cox of "Huge Assets", Gideon Glassman, had bored Emily Mitchell, steering "Well Endowed" off the tide, and he was able to go where he liked through the rough.

Both crews coped well in very nasty water from then on, while Glassman's crew, stroked by Bruce Cummings, who was the reserve for the reserves this year, stretched their lead further after Chiswick Steps. Tom Stallard and Joshua West are the only Blues from this year on parade, as Cambridge are attempting to extend their run of seven consecutive wins on 25 March.