Rowing: Henley remains in the black

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Henley Royal Regatta proved its enduring profitability again in 1995 with a pounds 180,000 surplus, writes Hugh Matheson.

The Henley Stewards have approved a comprehensive overhaul of the qualification rules for the five different events they offer for eights. This has been spurred by a rising level of complaint from the clubs and universities that have in the past felt themselves in the wrong event, and the uneven spread of entries in pursuit of each cup.

The nub of the problem is the Ladies' Plate, the second ranked event, after the Grand, which is for world class crews. Many clubs and colleges prefer the third event, the Thames Cup. The Stewards have found it increasingly difficult to distinguish between the ordinary clubs whose natural home is the Thames Cup and the Super Clubs which they would prefer to find in the Ladies Plate.

The new rule bars any crew with more than two ex-internationals and any group whose main purpose is to produce international calibre crews, from entering the Thames Cup.