Rowing / Henley Royal Regatta: Results from Henley regatta

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(Holders: Univ of Pennsylvania A)

First round

London A bt Nottinghamshire County by 2/3 length, in 6min 22sec.

Thames bt Queen's Tower by 1 1/2 l, 6:39.

Quintin bt Durham University B by canvas, 6:41.

Bedford B bt Vesta A by 1 1/2 l, 6:37.

Sons of the Thames bt Kingston by 3/4 l, 6:43.

Oxford University Lightweights bt Molesey by 2l, 6:47.

Nottingham and Union bt Alfred, South Africa by 2l, 6:51.

Tideway Scullers bt Thames Tradesmen A by 4 1/3 l, 6:48.

Agecroft A bt Vesta B by 3l, 6:48.

Newark bt Maidenhead 1 3/4 l, 6:49.

Hanlan (Can) bt Syracuse University Alumni (US) 1 1/2 l, 6:42.

Durham University A bt Cambridge '99 by 4l, 6:43.

Cambridge University Lightweights bt London B, 1 3/4 l, 6:49.

Cincinnati (US) bt Marlow by 1/2 l, 6:39.

Rob Roy bt Thames Tradesmen B by 2l, 6.35.

Agecroft B bt Mitsubishi (Jap) easily, 6.43.


(Holders: Nautilus)

First round

Auriol Kensington bt Upper Thames easily, 7:14.

Pengwern bt Reading by 2l, 7:06.

Derby bt Bedford A by 1 1/2 l, 7:21.

University of London bt Cambridge '99 3/4 l, 7:00.

Stirling bt Upper Thames B 3 1/3 l, 7:21.

Calgary (Can) bt Bewl Bridge 5l, 7:20.

Bradford-on-Avon bt Bewdley by 1l, 7:33.

London B bt Wallingford by 4 1/2 l, 7:21.

Goldie bt Nottingham Britannia easily, 6.52.

Neptune (Irl) bt Weybridge by 1 3/4 l, 7:10.

New York Athletic (US) bt Bedford B by 2 3/4 l, 6:54.

Queens Tower bt Hereford by 2 1/2 l, 7.07.

Quintin bt Thames Tradesmen by 2/3 l, 7:08.

Nottinghamshire County A bt London A by 2 2/3 l, 6:37.

Nottingham and Union bt Sons of the Thames by 1l, 6:59.

Nottinghamshire County B bt Thames by 3 2/3 l, 7.01.


(Holders: Nottinghamshire CRA)

First round

Exeter bt University of Wales College, Cardiff by 1 3/4 l, 7:30.

New York bt Gloucester by 1 3/4 l, 7:15.

Clonmel (Irl) bt Union (US) 1l, 7:26.

Nottingham and Union bt Scottish Argonauts by 1 1/3 l, 7:10.

Sons of the Thames bt Wallingford 1 1/3 l, 7:21.

Goldie bt Dartmouth (US) easily, 7:17.

University of Bristol bt City of Cambridge by 1 3/4 l, 7:24.

Neptune (Irl) bt London Welsh by 3l, 7:27.

Athlone (Irl) bt Newark 2 1/3 l, 7:36.

Molesey bt Bedford by 1 3/4 l, 7:32.

Thames bt Kingston by 1/2 l, 7:04.

Lea bt Bath University by 3 2/3 l, 7:16.

Henley bt St George's School (Can) not rowed out.

City of Oxford bt Quintin easily, 7:22.

Thames Tradesmen bt Brentwood College School (Can) by 4l, 7:35.

London bt Nereus (Neth) by 4l, 7:16.


(Holders: Eton)

First round

St Paul's School bt St George's School (Can) by 3l, 7:04.

Monmouth School bt Brentwood College School (Can) 3l, 7:07.

Oratory School bt Tiffin School by 2/3 l, 7:20.

Kings School, Canterbury, bt Bedford School A by 2l, 6:53.

Radley B bt Shawnigan Lake School (Can) by 1l, 6:58.

Winchester College bt Bedford Modern by 22l, 7:00.

Shiplake bt RGS, Worcester by 1l, 6:53.

St Edwards School B bt St Edwards School C by 1l, 6:51.

Westminster School bt Hampton School by 2/3 l, 6:34.

Canford School bt Bedford School B by 2/3 l, 7:00.

Kingston Grammar School bt Oundle by 2l, 6:53.

Radley A bt Abingdon by 1 3/4 l, 6:48.

Kings School, Chester bt St Edwards School A 1 1/2 l, 6:49.

Eton bt Shrewsbury by 2ft, 6:37.

Cheltenham College bt St John's High School (US) easily, 6.48.

Pangbourne bt King's College School 3 1/2 l, 6:38.


First round

Worcester and Balliol, Oxford bt Hampton School by 2 1/2 l, 6:54.

University of Bristol bt Southampton University 2/3 l, 6:48.

Phillips Academy (US) bt University College, Cork by 2 1/3 l, 6:45.

Nottingham University bt Aberdeen University, 1 3/4 l, 6:49

Trinity Hall, Cambridge bt Jesus, Cambridge by 3 2/3 l, 6:53.

Orange Coast (US) bt Reading University A by 1 1/2 l, 6:36.

Exeter, Oxford bt Christ Church and Magdalen, Oxford 1l, 6:49.

Tufts University (US) bt Churchill College, Cambridge by 3l, 6:54.

Skadi (Neth) bt Nihon (Jap) easily, 6:49.

Sheffield Univ bt Oxford Poly B by 1l, 6:49.

Oriel and Christ Church, Oxford bt Downing and Pembroke, Cambridge by 2l, 6:37.

Trinity College, Dublin bt First and Third Trinity, Cambridge by 5l, 6.38.

Waseda (Jap) bt Eton by 4ft, 6.41.

Oxford Polytechnic A bt University of York by 3l, 6.35.

Imperial College bt Skoll (Neth) by 2 1/2 l, 6:25.

Newcastle University bt Reading University B by 1/2 l, 6:35.


(Holders: B Eltang and H Bang)

First round

T J Murphy (St Catharine's, Can) bt D E Jillings (Molesey) by 1l, 8:22.

J J A Burton (Queensland) bt W J Baker (London) by 1l, 8:10.

P Anderson (Queensland) bt J E Bell (Calgary) by 5l, 8:47.

G D P Walters (Tideway Scullers School) bt G P R Reddin (Thames) 2/3 l, 8:14.

B P Dolan (Neptune, Irl) bt D W Nicoll (Upper Thames) by 2l, 8:13.

C A Maclennan (Leander) bt P H Ashmore (St Ives) easily, 7.57.

R G F Henderson (Leander) bt S R Allpass (Thames) by 3 3/4 1, 7:52.

R M W Williams (London) bt P Thomas (Oxford University Lightweights) easily, 7:57.