Rowing: Weekend's results from Henley

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THE THAMES CHALLENGE CUP Fourth round: Brown University (US) bt Harvard Univ A (US) 2 lengths, 6min 29sec; Notts County bt ASR Nereus (Neth) 2l, 6:42; Isis A bt Imperial College, London 3l, 6:37; London A bt Neptune (Irl) 11 4 l, 6:38. Fifth round: Notts County bt Brown Univ 3 4 l, 6:21; Isis A bt London A 33 4 l, 6:27.

THE TEMPLE CHALLENGE CUP Fourth round: Oxford Brookes Univ bt University of Wales Col, Cardiff 11 4 l, 6:56; Trinity Col, Dublin (Irl) bt Queen's Univ (Can)2 3 l, 6:37.

THE BRITANNIA CHALLENGE CUP Fourth round: Goldie bt Leander 1l, 7:19; Harvard Univ (US) bt Univ of London 13 4 l, 7:13.

THE DOUBLE SCULLS CHALLENGE CUP Third round: E W M Kittoe and R F Redpath bt M T Otto and E M Hausleitner easily, 7:53; I W Hopkins and M Pollecutt bt S C Collins and T E A Lees 11 2 l, 7:33.

THE DIAMOND CHALLENGE SCULLS Third round: V Chalupa bt P M Haining 5l, 8:11; N Taga bt J M Ernst 5l, 8:12; T Lange bt T M Sumoens 11 4 l, 8:05; M H Hansen bt W A Theed easily, 8:25. Fourth round: Chalupa bt Taga easily, 7:55; Lange bt Hansen 21 2 l, 7:53

WOMEN'S SINGLE SCULLS Second round: E Lipa bt B Lawson easily, 8:45; A M A Bredael bt P J Baker 31 4 l, 8:55; M H Brandin bt M Knox-Zaloom easily, 8:54; T Hansen bt G B Kamenova 4l, 8:44. Third round: Bredael bt Lipa 4 3/4l (8.41); Brandin bt Hansen 13 4 l, 8:37.

THE SILVER GOBLETS AND NICKALLS' CHALLENGE CUP Third round: S G Redgrave and M C Pinsent bt W V Weedon and M S Smith 3l, 8:15; W M Coventry and C I Clayton- Greene bt J D S Richardson and C J Chilton 13 4 l, 8:05.

THE PRINCE PHILIP CHALLENGE CUP Second round: Leander and Molesey bt Camb Univ and Goldie 3l, 7:20; Molesey and Univ of London bt Zagreb (Croa) 11 4 l, 7:09.

THE FAWLEY CHALLENGE CUP First round: Durham bt St George's Col 5l, 7:25; Windsor Boys Sch bt Henley and Reading Blue Coat Sch 1l, 7:21; Wallingford and Peterborough bt Marlow and Claires Court Sch 1l, 7:10; Walton and Burton Leander bt Abingdon Sch 33 4 l, 7:21. Second round: Windsor Boys bt Durham 1l, 6:58; Walton and Burton Leander bt Wallingford and Peterboroough 13 4 l, 7:08.

THE GRAND CHALLENGE CUP First round: Cambridge Univ and Univ of London bt Ur- Kirolak (Sp) easily, 6:31.

THE WYFOLD CHALLENGE CUP Fourth round: Leander bt Scottish Argonauts 41 2 l, 7:16; London B bt Quintin easily, 7:04.

THE PRINCESS ELIZABETH CHALLENGE CUP Fourth round: Eton Col bt Radley Col 3 4 l, 6:36; Brisbane Boys' (Aus) bt Kingston Grammar Sch 1l, 6:41.

THE STEWARDS' CHALLENGE CUP Second round: Hansa Dortmund (Ger) bt Notts County A 2 3 l, 6:54; Leander and Univ of London bt UR-Kirolak (Sp) 1 4 l, 7:13.

THE LADIES' CHALLENGE PLATE Second round: Brown Univ (US) bt Boulonnaise (Fr) 31 2 l, 6:24; Notts County and London bt Camb Univ and Goldie 21 2 l, 6:19.

THE QUEEN MOTHER CHALLENGE CUP Second round: Notts County and Goldie bt City of Oxford easily, 6:50.

THE VISITORS' CHALLENGE CUP Third round: King's Sch Chester bt Leeds Univ 21 2 l, 7:14.


THE THAMES CHALLENGE CUP: Notts County bt Isis A 3 4 l, 6:22.

THE TEMPLE CHALLENGE CUP: Oxford Brookes Univ bt Trinity Col, Dublin (Irl) 31 4 l, 6:33.

THE WYFOLD CHALLENGE CUP: London B bt Leander 41 2 l, 6:55.

THE BRITANNIA CHALLENGE CUP: Harvard Univ (US) bt Goldie 31 4 l, 7:05.

THE SILVER GOBLETS AND NICKALLS' CHALLENGE CUP: S G Redgrave and M C Pinsent bt W M Coventry and C I Clayton- Greene 1l, 7:22.

THE DOUBLE SCULLS CHALLENGE CUP: E W M Kittoe and R F Redpath bt I W Hopkins and M Pollecutt 2ft, 7:32.

THE QUEEN MOTHER CHALLENGE CUP: Tideway Scullers' Sch and Notts County bt Notts County and Goldie 3l, 6:36.

THE PRINCE PHILLIP CHALLENGE CUP: Leander Club and Molesey bt Molesey and Univ of London 11 2 l, 7:10.

THE GRAND CHALLENGE CUP: Hansa, Dortmund (Ger) bt Cambridge Univ and Univ of London 23 4 l, 6:11.

THE DIAMOND CHALLENGE SCULLS: T Lange by V Chalupa 1ft, 7:39.

THE PRINCESS ELIZABETH CHALLENGE CUP: Brisbane Boys' Col (Aus) bt Eton Col 2 3 l, 6:38.

THE WOMEN'S SINGLES SCULLS: M H Brandin bt A M A Bredael 2l, 8:34.

THE STEWARDS' CHALLENGE CUP: Leander and Univ of London bt Hansa Dortmund (Ger) 2 3 l, 6:44.

THE LADIES CHALLENGE PLATE: Brown Univ (US) bt Notts County and London 2 3 l, 6:14.

THE VISITORS' CHALLENGE CUP: King's Sch, Chester bt Univ of London 1l, 7:03.

THE FAWLEY CHALLENGE CUP: Windsor Boys Sch bt Walton and Burton Leander 2l, 6:51.