Rugby League: Broncos' initiative: Wigan suspend Little chase

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THE ENGLISH game is giving a cautious welcome to the Brisbane Broncos' plan for a farm team in London, at least until the League's board of directors discusses it next week. The world's champion club wants the London Broncos, as they would be called, to start playing in 1995.

The idea has been put to the League's chief executive, Maurice Lindsay, who has clearly not dismissed it. 'They are very keen but there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration,' David Howes, the League's spokesman, said.

Not least among those factors would be the effect, positive or negative, on the London Crusaders, in whom the League has invested so much hope since their inception, as Fulham, 13 years ago.

Wigan have conceded that they are not going to have the Australian rugby union centre, Jason Little, in their side this season, but still hope to

persuade him to join them next year. The Wigan coach, John Dorahy, had tracked Little down in Milan, where he has followed a well-trodden path into Italian rugby.

Dorahy has also hinted at a change of policy to try to stop players taking up any invitations to sign with their former coach, John Monie, at the Auckland Warriors. 'Players tell me that there have been approaches,' he said. 'In that case, I would rather let players do what Gary Connolly did this year by spending the summer in Australia than lose them altogether.'

Rodney Walker has resigned as chairman of Wakefield Trinity. His position on the League's board of directors is unaffected.