Rugby League: Impostor exposed

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A MEMBER of the United States team for the World Sevens has been sent home after being revealed as an impostor.

Mark Geraghty was included in the inexperienced US squad for the tournament in Australia after claiming to have played for both Wigan and Oldham.

John Morgan, the president of the United States league, which is to be launched later this year, said Geraghty was highly recommended by officials of a social team in New York.

But when the Americans began training for the three-day tournament it became obvious Geraghty had never played the game before. Russell Fairfax, a leading Australian coach, quickly unmasked him. Geoff Prenter, the tournament promoter, said: 'After only 30 seconds, Fairfax said the guy couldn't even throw a ball.

'The funny thing is he knows a hell of lot about rugby league.'

Geraghty was put on a flight home and the United States lost their opening match 28-4 to the Australian Illawarra Steelers.