Rugby League: McRae pursues racism charge

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Rugby League:

McRae pursues racism charge

Rugby Football League officials will study complaints made by the St Helens coach, Shaun McRae, over racist remarks allegedly made by a Leeds player to one of his charges. McRae, who refused to identify either the alleged culprit or victim, has asked the referee, John Connolly, to mention the complaint in his report. "We have asked for it to be put on report as a racial slur against one of our players by a Leeds player," said McRae. "The player has subsequently apologised to our player in question, but I don't think that's good enough. This needs to be dealt with firmly and correctly. I have asked the officials at our club to make sure it goes further. It is important it is brought out in the referee's report." Leeds have yet to respond to the complaints, and the RFL has also not made any comment. "We will have to wait until we get the referee's report for the full picture," said Maurice Lindsey, the head of Super League Europe.