Rugby League: Players' union wins influence

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The game's trade union ended its long battle for recognition yesterday as it was given a voice in its running. The Rugby League Players' Association, which claims 70 per cent membership at professional clubs, will in future sit on a consultative committee, which will tackle issues such as the licensing of agents and the implications of the Bosman ruling.

The Association, which has dropped "Professional" from its name because it now hopes to attract junior and amateur players as well, is keen to open discussions on the sport's registration system.

That system has left a number of players, notably Featherstone's Steve Molloy, in limbo, but the RLPA's chairman, Nick Grimoldby, said that he was keen to avoid Molloy becoming a test case, the equivalent of George Eastham in football more than 30 years ago.

"I hope that it is resolved before we get that far," he said.

- Dave Hadfield