Rugby League: Warrington admit Wigan are peerless

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BRIAN JOHNSON, the Warrington coach, has conceded that his side are playing for second place when they complete their First Division programme tonight, writes Dave Hadfield.

Warrington will go back to the top if they beat Sheffield Eagles, but Johnson has already discounted the possibility of Wigan losing at Oldham on Sunday to leave them there.

'I think Wigan could put a hundred on Oldham,' he said. 'Oldham's whole ambition this season was to avoid relegation. Now that they have done that, it is only natural that the edge will go off them.'

Warrington still have an incentive to beat Sheffield, whose own form over the last three months has been the best and most consistent in the league.

'There would be some satisfaction in being able to say that we have won the same number of games as Wigan, and would have won the championship if we had not been robbed by a refereeing decision when we played Wigan in January,' he said.