Rugby Union: Divisional programme to remain

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WHILE the real scrum is centred around the bar when it comes to the annual meeting of the Rugby Football Union, the England prop Jeff Probyn packed down on the side of the establishment at the Hilton in London's Park Lane last night to help resist an attempt from the north to get rid of the Divisional Championship, writes Barrie Fairall.

On the agenda was a proposal from two clubs, Gateshead Fell and Darlington, that the County Championship should hold sway on three of the five Saturdays set aside for divisional rugby from the season after next (the present set up is for county and divisional rugby to be played simultaneously).

They never stood a chance as Probyn moved in and said: 'Without divisional rugby we will go back to the mediocrity of the years before our recent triumphs.' End of story and the motion defeated 381-244.