Rugby Union: Gray gives warning

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TONY GRAY, the next president of the Welsh Rugby Union since Terry Vaux stepped out of the firing-line, last night aimed a pre-emptive strike at the man whose campaign against the WRU has led to the entire general committee facing a no-confidence vote, writes Steve Bale.

The former Wales flanker and national coach warned clubs that if they re-elected the resigned treasurer, Glanmor Griffiths, at Sunday's special general meeting it 'would be like putting a match to a tinder-box'.

The committee face a second motion to resign en bloc - though some, including Gray, would then be asked to resume office. This, according to Gray, would be easier said than done.

He said: 'I know that personally I would find it very, very difficult to work with him again and we could end up with the farcical situation that if Glanmor Griffiths is returned as treasurer he could face an immediate vote of no-confidence from the general committee.'