Rugby Union: Luyt must explain on amateurism

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LOUIS LUYT, the Rugby Football Union's least favourite South African, was yesterday ordered to explain himself by the RFU president, Dennis Easby, who is fed up with his opposite number's obvious disdain for the besieged concept of amateurism, writes Steve Bale.

Luyt, the president of the South African RFU, has gladly predicted the coming of professionalism as soon as he has hosted next year's World Cup. The RFU suspects that, as far as the Springboks are concerned, the dread day has already come and Easby is heartily sick of Luyt's verbal attacks on him after England's summer tour of South Africa.

Easby said: 'He complains that he tried to be a good host to the English party and can't understand when people like Dennis Easby attack him.'

Easby was chairman of the International Board's amateurism committee when it approved Sarfu's player trust fund a year ago. 'I have to ask: are the terms of the trust being complied with? How can you reconcile your position as a member of the board and of the World Cup committee if you are going against the very principles on which our game was founded?'