Rugby Union: SA reject demands

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SOUTH AFRICA'S leading players have refused demands by the African National Congress that they should wear peace and pro- democracy stickers in matches.

The ANC made the demands as a condition of not calling for the international sports boycott to be reimposed on the republic after last month's Boipatong massacre. And with tours by New Zealand and Australia due next month, rugby was an obvious centre of attention.

But the players of Transvaal and Northern Transvaal, who meet in the Currie Cup today, will not be wearing the requested stickers. The president of the Transvaal Union, Louis Luyt, said: 'I have sympathy with the victims of Boipatong and have often openly come out for peace and democracy. The ANC's call is, however, dictatorial and brings politics into sport.'

The South African RFU later said in a statement that it wanted to arrange a meeting with the ANC to discuss the issue.

Australia and New Zealand said yesterday that they would abide by the ANC's conditions, notably a visit to Boipatong, on their tours.