Rugby Union: Teague doubles up

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MIKE TEAGUE has moved nearer to regaining his place as an England flanker. Teague, who missed out on the Grand Slam earlier this year, has been included in the 24-strong squad for the Test against South Africa at Twickenham on 14 November.

Teague has had a couple of matches for his new club, Moseley, and his fitness will be watched during the rest of this month. He was included in the first and second B squads of the season, and is also in a third B squad which will prepare for the match against South Africa at Bristol on 7 November.

Teague is one of 10 players who have been named in both squads. 'We are keeping our options open,' the England manager, Geoff Cooke, said. 'This early nomination enables the divisional selectors to identify the players we want so that they can go ahead with their plans.'

The Midlands play South Africa in the first match of the English leg of their tour on 4 November, while the North will be their hosts on 10 November.

ENGLAND SQUAD (v South Africa, Twickenham, 14 November): Full-back: J Webb (Bath). Wings: I Hunter (Northampton), R Underwood (Leicester), A Underwood (Leicester). Centres: W Carling (Harlequins), J Guscott (Bath), P de Glanville (Bath). Stand-offs: R Andrew (Wasps), S Barnes (Bath). Scrum-halves: S Bates (Wasps), D Morris (Orrell). Props: J Leonard (Harlequins), J Probyn (Wasps), V Ubogu (Bath). Hookers: B Moore (Harlequins), J Olver (Northampton). Locks: W Dooley (Preston Grasshoppers), M Bayfield (Northampton). Loose forwards: M Teague (Moseley), D Ryan (Wasps), T Rodber (Northampton), D Richards (Leicester), B Clarke (Bath), P Winterbottom (Harlequins).

ENGLAND B SQUAD (v South Africa, Bristol, 7 November): Full-back: A Buzza (Wasps). Wings: A Underwood, Hunter, N Heslop (Orrell). Centres: J Buckton (Saracens), D Hopley (Wasps), de Glanville. Stand-offs: Barnes, J Steele (Northampton). Scrum-halves: Bates, R Hill (Bath). Props: M Hynes (Orrell), A Mullins (Harlequins), Probyn. Hookers: Moore, K Dunn (Wasps). Locks: A Blackmore (Bristol), N Redman (Bath), D Sims (Gloucester). Loose-forwards: Teague, Rodber, S Ojomoh (Bath), Clarke, N Back (Leicester).