Rugby Union: Welsh to take no action against Jenkins: Wales hooker's hooks anger Edinburgh lawyer and inspire protest to police

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THE Welsh Rugby Union said last night that it would not be taking any action against Garin Jenkins following the punch-up which disfigured the opening of last Saturday's Wales v Scotland game at Cardiff Arms Park. Its decision came after an Edinburgh lawyer issued a complaint to South Wales Constabulary about Jenkins' conduct.

Although he was not in on the start of the fight Jenkins was its most obvious participant on a television recording watched by millions, raining blows on the Scots flanker, Derek Turnbull. He was subsequently warned by the French referee, Patrick Robin, in the presence of his captain, Ieuan Evans, and pack leader, Gareth Llewellyn.

The 26-year-old Swansea hooker was not sent off, prompting Murdo Moodie, a prop in Edinburgh Academicals' lower sides, to lay his complaint. The police said yesterday they were aware his letter was on its way.

The letter states: 'The attack by Mr Garin Jenkins on Derek Turnbull far transcends the bounds of what can reasonably be tolerated, even in a contact sport. It was clear Mr Jenkins was not at the flash point and involved himself unnecessarily. He proceeded viciously and repeatedly to punch Mr Turnbull on the head, even crouching down to continue the assault when Mr Turnbull had fallen to the ground after being knocked over. It is the number and repetition of blows together with his joining in the incident that takes his action, in my opinion, into the realms of the criminal.'

Moodie is reflecting a wider concern about this incident and for the image of rugby union. As Moodie points out, parents who see senior players using an international as an excuse for a fight are most unlikely to allow their offspring to become involved. 'I have a two-year-old son and my wife is concerned about letting him play one day,' Moodie said.

Vernon Pugh, of the WRU, said there had been no complaints from Scottish officials or players. 'The WRU is fully aware of its responsibilities as far as maintaining discipline is concerned,' he said. 'It will take whatever steps are necessary to remind all players of their responsibilities when representating Wales.'