Rugby World Cup: As I was saying in my column . . . England players file from the frontline

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"I feel for the Argentina forwards, who have played so well but will be going home after this weekend, and Italy's display against us shows that they are worth a place in the Five Nations' Championship. Now we face Western Samoa with problems of selection and how to play the game. There is no question of throwing the game for the sake of an easier quarter- final - which of South Africa or Australia is easier?" - Rob Andrew, the Times

"To be fair to Argentina, they played very well and at times managed to do what we conspicuously failed to do. I must say that in all the games so far there has been a huge amount of physical commitment and a ferocity with people hitting tackles.

Western Samoa will present a different challenge but the Argentinians will be the best scrummaging side we will encounter bar none." - Brian Moore, Sunday Times

"At the risk of sounding like a whinger, it has been very, very difficult on this trip to switch off. Perhaps this is another reason why we're not firing. The hotel is packed with England supporters and, although you don't mind giving autographs, there is a time and a place. Every time you get in the lift, guys want to know why it's all going wrong." - Victor Ubogu, The Observer

"Our masseur, Richard Wegryzk, suggested acupuncture. The thought of it terrified me but I was so worried about my health I was ready to try anything. It was an incredible experience. He inserted one needle in the side of my knee, one halfway down my shin and one just below my ankle. Within 30 seconds I was in a trance-like sleep, aware of his presence but totally relaxed. After the game we went to a barbecue and I felt as high as a kite. All the boys were asking what I was on." - Will Carling, Mail on Sunday

"Make no mistake, we don't just want to talk about high standards, we intend to achieve them. We now realise we've a lot more work to put in if we want to get close to lifting the World Cup." - Ben Clarke, Sunday Telegraph

"All three of our group games have been awkward in different ways. The Argentinians had formidable forward power while the Italians were perhaps better organised and had a bit more flair. Now for the Samoans. You could call their rugby wild and unstructured. They love to attack. They are uncompromising in defence. We accept that we are likely to take big hits, and in fact relish the opportunity to show our physical prowess." - Tony Underwood, The Independent