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Five Independent readers can start making plans for their trip to South Africa after winning our Rugby World Cup Final competition.

Our five winners and their guests will attend next month's final in Johannesburg. They each receive return flights, three nights' de-luxe accommodation at the Escom Centre, an eve-of-match sunset cruise along the Vaal river, pre-match hospitality, category one seated match tickets and a safari park game drive.

The 100 runners-up will receive pairs of tickets for the Save & Prosper Middlesex Sevens at Twickenham this Saturday.

FIRST PRIZE WINNERS: Ms M Tomkins, Surrey; Mr K Davison, Scotland; Mr D Forth, London; Mrs G Miles, Avon; Mr H J Appleby, Derby.

RUNNERS-UP: R Haigh, Bristol; R M Hill, Lancs; R Hurton, Lancs; K Pritchard, W Sussex; B Brown, Preston; Mrs A Beekett, Lancs; A Cameron-Smith, Lancs; A Bentley, Cumbria; J Robinson, Lancs; Mrs L Tomlinson, Lancs; G G Bolton, Lancs; R Wilson, Derby; Ms R Sims, Cumbria; D J Hughes, West Midlands; D C Jones, N Wales; Ms E Robertson, Edinburgh; Mrs K Osbome, Derbyshire; P Walter, Hull; Dr Q Robinson, Ilkley; Dr G J Ford, Ripon; R Rae, W Yorks; R Paul, Somerset; S Longman, Somerset; S Carrington, Bristol; Ms L Slack, Derbys; J Morris, Clwyd; R H Mather, Isle of Man; D Satterly, Kent; B G Marsh, Lancs; R A Watson, Surrey; D Hogg, Northumberland; M Flanagan, Lancs; C D J Borwick, Cumbria; E Hall, Lancs; R Page, Cumbria; D Clift, Gloucester; Ms J Snow, Gloucester; P Howells, Kent; K Miler, Kent; Ms F Hayman, London; M Rake, London; W Mulcahy, Devon; S Stamm, Devon; B A Meechan, Devon; M T D Forrester, Gloucs; M Morgan, Cardiff; C Morgan, Gwent; M Thomas, Gloucestershire; A James, Mid Glam; G R Clyne, Cardiff; I Flower, Cardiff; Ms A Ashton, Devon; K A Lloyd, Devon; I Rashley, Devon; I Clarke, S Devon; A Hines, Devon; Ms L Shippam, Devon; P Ruddock, Manchester; N Harris, Surrey; D R G Davies, Cardiff; K Jones, Cumbria; M Hart, Dorset; R Farmer, Carlisle; Ms S Downie, Scotland; Mrs L McHardy, Scotland; J Prescot, Scotland; V Phillpot, Lincs; D Davies, Powys; G Holdsworth, Powys; Ms H Armstrong, Essex; N J Logan, Scotland; J Price, Northumberland; H M Bradley, Northumberland; A M J Chamberlain, Cheshire; Mrs R G Allen, Rochdale; C Frost, Northants; J Greenroyd, East Sussex; J Stone, Lancs; R Turnock, Liverpool; A F Deakin, Leics; R Preece, South Wirral; A F M Munro, E.Sussex; Mr L Cashin, London; A Stamper, Surrey; A M Whalen, Scotland; Ms M Dallow, London; D Lewis, London; N Barnes, London; F Hancock, Renfrewshire; I B Smith, South Humbs; J Audsley, London; Ms S Bergson, London; D J Williams, London; S Beaton, Cheshire; J Neil, Cheshire; R S Stewart, Bearsden; I Murphy, W Midlands; P Wright, Coventry; A G Parker, Lancs; P G Wright, Lancs; G G Wright, Lancs.