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Who do you think will win the World Cup?

Logically, New Zealand, but the competition's more open now and either England or Wales could win. Wales have looked especially good in the last six months.

Who's the most exciting player in the world today?

New Zealand's Christian Cullen. He looks like Barry John and Gareth Edwards rolled in one, a class act. The man I've been most impressed with in the last five years is France's Thomas Castaignede.

Which minnows would you have pounds 10 on?

Samoa, for fun.

Who else will you be looking out for?

I'd like to see France play well. I'll never forget the thrill it gave

me to watch Serge Blanco score that 80-yard try in the first World Cup.

Who was the hardest opponent you ever faced?

Basie van Wyk, a South African back-row forward, and Dan White of England.

What was the strangest sporting event you've ever paid to watch?

It was strangely marvellous to see the basketball at the Paralympics. It was unbelievably exciting.

As the president of the London Welsh male voice choir, what's the most rousing performance you've seen them give?

It's a thrill for me that every game they sing at, Wales win.

What piece of music would you say really stirs the Welsh team before a match?

There was a time when a hymn tune like Cwm Rhondda would do, but not everyone in Wales goes to Chapel any more. Max Boyce songs would be more

common now, and I'd go for his "Hymns and Arias".