Ospreys launch Twitter investigation


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Welsh region the Ospreys have launched a "full and thorough investigation" into potential homophobic comments allegedly made by one of their employees on Twitter.

The Ospreys say they have been made aware of the alleged remarks, which are understood to have surfaced earlier this month.

A statement released by the Swansea-based organisation said: "Ospreys Rugby has been made aware of potentially homophobic comments allegedly made by one of our employees via Twitter.

"We take such issues very seriously and have immediately commenced a full and thorough investigation into this matter.

"As an organisation we do not tolerate any kind of homophobic behaviour, and any employee found to be acting in such a way will face the appropriate action through our internal disciplinary procedures.

"We operate a well publicised self-policing social media policy that all employees are aware of and fully understand.

"There will be no further comment made on this issue until the conclusion of said investigation."