Rugby World Cup 2015: England v France warm up is 100th 'Le Crunch'

Captains Robshaw and Dusautoir discuss the fixture's history

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This Saturday sees England begin in earnest their World Cup preparations at Twickenham.

They take on France in what will in fact be the 100th meeting between these two sides - a significant milestone in the history of 'Le Crunch'.

To celebrate the event, BMW have made a film with opposing captains Chris Robshaw and Thierry Dusautoir, who discuss their memories of the fixture and what it means to them, like they are having a slightly awkward conversation on a French exchange.

Whilst the tradition of the fixture is set to continue this Saturday, the first match to be held at Twickenham was over 100 years ago in 1911.

You can see the video below:


Thierry Dusautoir believes the fixture is steeped in importance and feels it will be a great moment for both teams, "Of course next time we meet, for this hundredth match between the two countries, it is going to be very special because we will continue the heritage, the tradition of France, England".