RWC 2015: Why the Rugby World Cup produces the worst accumulator returns ever

A bet on this weekend's favourites would produce a pitiful return

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Accumulators are hugely popular with sports gamblers, mainly due to the massive returns on offer.

The system of betting involves picking various winners from different events, with the odds rising rapidly the more matches that are added. But to win any money, every bet must win, which makes it mightily tricky.

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But anyone thinking of placing an accumulator bet on the Rugby World Cup might want to think twice.

Due to the mismatches in quality that many of the tournament's Pool stage matches produce, the odds being offered on the likeliest winners are incredibly short.

Among this weekend's matches, some bookmakers have made South Africa the 1/950 favourites to beat Japan.

An accumulator on all of this weekend's eight games, including England's match against Fiji tonight, offers a pitiful return. A £1 bet would see a return of just £1.51.

If an accumulator was placed on England, Ireland, South Africa and Wales to beat Fiji, Canada, Japan and Uruguay respectively, the winnings from £1 would be just 3 pence.

In comparison, a £1 bet on the favourites from the first eight games in the Premier League this weekend would provide a return £352.


England vs Fiji kicks off at 8pm this evening. Place your bets! (or probably don't bother).