Italy to make World Cup bid

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The Italian Rugby Federation are planning a bid to host either the 2015 or 2019 World Cup.

Giancarlo Dondi confirmed the FIR are waiting for the official documentation from the International Rugby Board to submit their bid.

He added: “It marks a new milestone in the development of Italian rugby and one which everyone should be proud of.”

The host nations for the 2015 and 2019 World Cups will both be unveiled in July next year, with the International Rugby Board beginning the tender process this month.

Unions will be able to submit a bid to host either the 2015 or 2019 tournament, or they can specify one of the two.

Japan, who were widely expected to be given the 2011 tournament before it was given to New Zealand, have announced their intention to bid for 2015, with England and Wales also expected to put forward a joint bid.

The Australian Rugby Union have stated their interest in bidding for the 2019 tournament.