RWC Special: Rule changes for 2003

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The group phase this year has taken inspiration from the Tri-Nations. In addition to teams gaining four points for winning and two for drawing their matches, sides scoring four or more tries will get a bonus point, as will a side defeated by seven points or fewer.


In the knock-out stage, if at full time scores are level, 20 minutes of extra time, 10 minutes each way, will be played as in previous touraments. If the scores are still level at the end of that extra time, rather than counting back to tries scored as in the past, a 10 minute period of 'sudden death' will be played where the first points scored win the match. If there is no score here, a drop-goal competition will be played. Each side nominates five players who take it in turn to attempt drop-goals from points across the pitch. If the sides are level after the first five attempts, the competition becomes sudden death.