Victorious Woodward rounds on his critics

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In defeat in Dublin he was reserved and gracious, armed by victory at Twickenham he had points to make, and Clive Woodward was determined to make them last night.

Whether the target was Australia's tactics, "they got what they deserved, they got beat", or those who accused him of "gambling" by playing Jason Robinson at full-back – "I was amazed he caught the ball, he spent the whole of his rugby league career catching the ball" – Woodward was in full and sarcastic fightback mode as he glowed in the aftermath of the performance.

There was short shrift for the questioner who asked him the traditional "how do you feel after that victory?"

"We've just beaten the best team in the world, what do you want me to do, cry?"

England's lack of tries? "The game's about winning and we won – it's not about tries but winning."

And on to Robinson again. "The press and some former players thought it was a risk. I didn't. I picked the best full-back in England. He played amazingly. He can play anywhere in the back line, I might play him at scrum-half against Romania next week."

Finally, it was back to a theme of the week, the Lions tour last summer and its effect on his plans. "The RFU have got to look at the Lions, because it has seriously disrupted us," he warned.